Florida Teacher on Set and our founder Aimee Romano addresses some most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please call us at any time.

1. How are you handling the threat of Covid on set?

Will comply with all required Covid testing per production requirements.
I always show up with my own PPE, but I understand most productions have their own CCO on set typically.  
CDC Vaccination card furnished upon request.

2. How much notice do you need for on call work?

Obviously, as much advance notice is appreciated, but we will try our best to fill any last minute production calls for a teacher/tutor.

3. What are your rates/fees/etc?

Rates vary per production/city/number of minors etc. Please contact us for more details.

4. Are you hiring?

Please feel free to send your resume if you are a certified and experienced educator with a great personality and flexible schedule. If we have a need, we will be in contact. Excellent current verifiable references are a must. Background checks/Drug Screens will be completed on ALL potential candidates as well.

5. Will you travel as needed?

Yes, depending on the dates/times and notice given, we will make a great attempt to accommodate any specific requests of production.

6. Do you have experience with high profile clientele and their children/etc?

Very much so. I have worked with many celebrities and fully understand the discreet and private nature of my work. Many jobs, NDA’s are signed as well.

Available Local, Nationwide & on Tour

In addition to being available anywhere in the country, Florida Teacher On Set is able to tour with your production company. We are available to travel with you.


Tending to the education and health of minors on set while remaining flexible and focused on the specific needs of each and every production.

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