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Aimee was wonderful with my daughter, she was knowledgeable on every subject, was patient with the crazy schedule we were on and made sure my daughters work was complete, correct and turned in on time. Aimee went above and beyond her job duties to make sure my daughter was comfortable in the environment and made sure the filming schedule did not take advantage of a minor.

Jill Vertes

Lifetime’s hit reality show, Dance Mom’s & Mother of Kendall Vertes

We had a terrific experience with Aimee Romano as our backstage tutor in West Palm Beach. Creating a productive tutoring environment amidst the chaos of backstage life is an almost impossible task, and Aimee managed it beautifully. Aimee managed to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and hard work in the face of constant distraction. The kids loved her, and they managed to get their work done too. Truly a rare find. Our only complaint was that we couldn’t take her with us when it was time to leave town.

Damian Effler

Company Manager, Radio City Christmas Spectacular Shine Tour 2013

Aimee is a total joy to work with. Beyond being great at her job, she brings a warmth and enthusiasm that makes the film set better for everyone.
Megan Seely

Director & Actor

Aimee’s enthusiasm for teaching and working with child actors, go hand and hand.  Her positive attitude and zeal were super encouraging to witness each day on set.

Heidi Capri

Mother of Child Actor, Lucy Capri


Tending to the education and health of minors on set while remaining flexible and focused on the specific needs of each and every production.

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